Oppositions and Ideology in News Discourse (Advances in Stylistics)

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Terrorist attack on a check post in Khyber agency. Three officials are martyred while five terrorists are killed. As far as GEO News is concerned, it has also explicitly used such lexical items, which revealed its partiality toward certain issues and personalities. In this regard, anti-judiciary coverage is limited to the coverage of the case against the owner of GEO News network, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. Overall, acrimony is created for Imran Khan, his workers, and his political party during the coverage of his sit-in.

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PTI workers have continued their legacy of ill manners. After forgetting the promises of their leaders, they have attacked GEO News. They harassed the female workers, and tried to get them out of the car by making them hostage. Pakistan hockey team has got a huge victory in a significant match of an important tournament. They beat the Indian team on Indian soil in front of the Indian crowd. Besides parallel structuring, lexemes are intentionally selected to show off the victory of Pakistan against India.

In the second sentence, apart from parallel structuring, defeating the Indian team on their home ground and in front of their own spectators has been foregrounded. They punched each other and knocked each other down. After slapping, they hit each other with legs too. They also threw stones and shoes at each other.

Stylistics and Social Cognition, Lesley JEFFRIES, Dan MCINTYRE et Derek BOUSFIELD (dir.)

In these protests and clashes, one person has lost his life out of firing. Tigers and lions have also attacked each other with sticks. Along with that, intertextual references are present in this headline. Anti-judiciary coverage can be seen in framing the news for the case against Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman.

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After the verdict of unlawful punishment was given from one court, another court has also started action against the same people with the same accusation. Pro-government coverage is actually done by vilifying Imran Khan and his sit-in. Moreover, government voices are highlighted who speak against Imran Khan. Thus, Imran Khan and his political party are disfigured by their propaganda.

Peshawar incident coverage sought to bring the nation together through the anti-terrorism ideology, which can be seen propagating through their coverage.


Thus, GEO News coverage of 9 p. PTV dominates broadcast television in viewership because of its access all around the country. Unlike private TV channels, it is not dependent on the cable. PTV News has long been criticized for its partial news coverage to please the ruling political party.

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Also, government authorities hold a major portion of the coverage, which means that only few other voices are reported. In this particular headline, PTV News is seen quoting the minister but in a way propagating its own agenda of aligning itself with the government and against the opposition leader, Imran Khan, by vilifying him.

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In the above example, one can see the choice of lexical items which again puts Imran Khan as a villain or even enemy of the state of Pakistan. He announced to shut down the country on December 16 to which Chief Minister of Punjab, who is from PML-N, has responded as encapsulated in the above headline.

Hat-trick of failures! PTV News has derogated the political protest of Imran Khan by calling it as a failure and has framed the news of the protest as unsuccessful where Imran Khan claimed of shutting down the Lahore city. Similarly, many other metaphors are also used by the government ministers to condemn Imran Khan, which are highlighted in PTV News bulletin of 9 p. As a result, internal rivalry of news networks makes the viewers devoid of neutral and newsworthy coverage.

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Subsidiary Question 2: How the impact of a message is enhanced by the way in which it is presented in news bulletin headlines? The second research question attempts to probe the style in which news items are presented in the headlines and the way in which style adds to their constructed ideological meanings. For this reason, the style is analyzed through the categories of politeness, pathos, screaming, photos, sensationalism, undue exclamations, poetic exuberance, and music.

Participants of the sit-in are shown as dancing and devoted toward their leader, Imran Khan. Furthermore, anti-government slogans in the protests are given space by ARY News in the headline bulletin of 9 p. Apart from that, some news items use meaningful visual images, such as the coverage of Malala Yousafzai getting the Nobel Peace Prize. She is shown addressing the people present in the ceremony while her parents are shown having a proud and a radiant smile over their faces, which in fact intended to reflect the smile of each Pakistani.

As far as coverage of hard news is concerned, ARY is seen using heavy music along with real fighting images and animations.

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Indeed, the psychological dimension of our study is not merely cognitive. Hypophora — the act of posing and immediately answering a question — may be viewed as a reaction to the lack of dialogicity in the council, a matter which I will explore in more detail in this question. It is clear in any case that the existence of opposites has underpinned much of early Greek philosophy, including thinkers before Plato and Aristotle, and informed the development of certain aspects of logic and rhetoric as Lloyd points out: And if Aristotle explicitly investigated the logic of the use of opposites, he also threw some light on the psychology of certain argumentative devices based on opposites which are similar to those we find used in earlier Greek writers. The latter elements are considered as attributes of declarative nominal clauses, whereas imperative, interrogative and verbal clauses are considered themeless. ARY News has played this poem at the background of the news items related to Peshawar attack, where school children were attacked by the terrorists.

It is a motivational prayer usually sung by Pakistani children in school assemblies. ARY News has played this poem at the background of the news items related to Peshawar attack, where school children were attacked by the terrorists. It creates the effect of sadness and pathos.

Furthermore, sensationalism is created through the background music which the news channel plays during the flipping of news items. Along with that, nationalism is promoted by the use of strong visual images that reflect the alertness of Pakistan Army against the terrorists. As far as GEO News is concerned, it has made use of undue exclamations, sarcasm, sensationalism, pathos, songs, music, and poetic language to add the effect in the news items.

Out of the three selected channels, GEO News is the one that incorporates songs the most. Sometimes, unnecessary news items are given coverage with unnecessary songs being played in the background during the headlines. Mostly, Indian songs are selected to be played in the background.

However, they are also seen playing the happy version of the song while reporting the news of Malala Yousafzai receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. National songs are played in the background for the news items related to Pakistan Army. However, covering the news of December 16 attack, sensationalism is created by showing an animated terrorist who enters a classroom and indiscriminately opens fire. Real noises of bullets are played as well. Disturbing images are used either in real or in animated form to add pathos or sensation in the news items. Ethical considerations like what content should be aired and what must not be shown are less likely to be observed in GEO News.

Fear of terrorists is created by showing them holding guns.


One possible reason to explain sensationalism could be that it is practiced to increase the ratings of GEO News in general. As far as style of PTV News headlines of 9 p. PTV News makes no use of conspiracy theories, hype, sensationalism, pathos, music, and songs.

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Constructed opposition has proved as viable an area of research as traditional antonymy, and a useful tool in looking at ideologically orientated texts. This. Oppositions and Ideology in News Discourse (Advances in Stylistics) [Matt Davies] on glasoxunemat.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Constructed.

Although their news coverage is one sided, it is not at all entertaining and dramatic. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan; therefore, his sayings serve as a reminder of nationalism to the viewers each day before 9 p. News anchors on PTV News network narrate the news items by looking at the pages. No use of laptops or computers is seen. Subsidiary Question 4: What relationships and identities are set up for those involved in a story? The third and fourth research questions probe the way in which the world is represented and framed in news headlines of the selected news channels as well as the relationships and identities that are set up for those involved in a story.

It is found out that all the three selected news channels present a different world to their viewers.