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Announcements about the activities of our initiatives 6. This edition may be downloaded from this link also. We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this edition too. You may send your feedback to editor corpezine. On behalf of Editorial Team of PreSense, we are pleased to release the prestigious th Aug edition of our eMagazine.

On 24th August , we launched the eDigest PreSense digest of select articles publlished in the editions and a page booklet containing the information about the flagship initiatives of PreSense, in a simple and impressive event at Chennai in the presence of eminent persons of the city. They can be downloaded from the following links: eDigest PreSense www. Special Report : Susan Koshy writes on the event launching the eDigiest. Health : Prime Point Srinivasan writes as to how the food affects our actions and behaviour. Kindly send us your feedback to editor corpezine.

The editorial team members and the heads of the five initiatives were present on the stage. Next Gen Political Leaders NGPL to develop young political leaders across all parties and mentor them The digital version of this booklet can be downloaded from the following link. Pandiarajan did the honours of releasing the eDigest, PreSense which is a compilation of select articles from the editions of the eMagazine.

Shri M. He suggested expanding the reach of the eMagazine as well as publishing the Tamil version of the eMagazine articles. Shri Sivaraman in his message spoke about the role and responsibility of the journalists in the changing technology and environment of the media. In contrast, he found the journalists of the current trend less accountable.

The media as the fourth estate, is like the fourth leg of a chair which cannot stand on three legs. Smt Rehana, Member of City of London Corporation, shared the experience of her journey from a corporate personality to a political figure. The launch was followed by a talk by renowned neurologist, Dr A. The discussions were moderated by Prime Point Srinivasan. The eDigest PreSense can be downloaded from the following link.

Friday, November 2, 2012

He shared his experience on how he was able to perform and win the Best Parliamentarian award. He talks about Brain Health. We are pleased to release the th July edition of eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents: 1. Srinivasan writes on the need for National Media Policy. Triambak's Prince cartoon We are also happy to inform our readers that th edition of PreSense will be released at Chennai in a simple function in the presence of eminent persons of City on 24th August Details are given in this edition.

The eMagazine may also be downloaded from the following link. We are pleased to release the th June edition of your eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents. Srinivasan writes on the importance of Pranayama and some simple techniques that can be practised without a teacher. Triambak's ususal Prince cartoon. This edition can also be downloaded from the following link.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions to the email id editor corpezine. We are pleased to release the th May issue of emagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents : 1. Achievement of this month : From this issue, we will be mentioning one great achievement, which has escaped the attention of media.

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[EPUB] India's National monthly ezine PreSense - Dec by Prime Point Srinivasan. diplomatic service in countries where Ireland's presence is limited or. [KINDLE] India's National monthly ezine PreSense - Dec by Prime Point ing its presence in Berlin by opening a sixth property in the German capital.

Editorial : K. Srinivasan and Susan Koshy write on the new cabinet of Modi Sarkar 2. Cover Story : K. Srinivasan and TN Ashok write on the reasons behind massive victory of Modi and the challenges before his Sarkar in the second term.

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Time-served City and Guilds apprenticeship and qualification. I achieved an apprenticeship with Mr Noel Fitzgibbon in Tralee. Five Years time-served apprenticeship with the OPW lead to my qualification as a Grade 1 conservation stone-cutter.

The Poethead site is about all types of poetry, there are many links to sites about poetry dedicated to the working writer. In my experience of being a working writer, I have found a lack in the cultural narrative. I do not think that Poethead will remedy this lack. It goes a small way toward sharing the writing talents of historical and contemporary women poets. It comprises women writers from PEN International, who use tools like Facebook, Websites and Linkedin to draw attention to the issues that prevent women from participating as writers in their communities.

Happy to be a member and to work with people who are developing literary and writer-response to political issues that involve women writers. Specialties B. A regime based on consumption of carbon, rather than on creation, would clearly address the relevant concern more directly. But a more direct route to low carbon would be through technology and creating competitive renewables.

This is what is happening in China, with the growth of the wind turbine and the solar panel market. The understanding that manufacture in China is largely based on coal driven power has brought about a misguided import levy on Chinese photovoltaic cell panels. This is most counter-productive, as use of coal based power, howsoever harmful, to manufacture solar panels is vastly more productive than use to manufacture the many consumer goods that developed countries import from China and India.

The regime of carbon pricing and trading is viewed as the only way incentivize investment in low carbon technology. But effective state policy to leverage technology and increasing the market for renewables would change the perspective and it is for using other means that one would need incentives. Local communities trading in carbon savings could often be creating illusory economics. The true villain of CO2 generation is coal and what counts is ways of burning less coal. An instance of real carbon saving is the investment that the Mumbai suburban railway, India, made to switch over its 88 year-old traction network from 1, V DC to 25, V AC.

Sariska has come a full circle since then. The forest seemed alive once again with sambhar, nilgai and spotted deer showing themselves often. We saw this sambar looking ill and not leaving the waterhole on 30th evening. Our guide said that the forest guards would have put medicines in the water. Guards on Hero Honda bikes were seen active with their walky talkies.

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Even the foot soldiers seemed alert despite the biting cold. Many had spotted a tiger and tigress. We could hear the mating cries roars but the pair refused to come out of the bushes. Including the eight tigers trans-located from Ranthambhore, the tiger population at Sariska now stands at The protocol provided for translocating five tigers in batches periodically, during the initial phase. Adult tigers over two-and-a-half years of age were considered good for re-introduction owing to their health status and ability to take on the stress of relocation.

Great care was taken to ensure the least disturbance to the social dynamics of the tiger population at Ranthambhore itself. After an initial period of barrenness that appeared to prove the critics right, the translocated tigers at Sariska started breeding well. So far six cubs have been littered. This includes two females, which have reached adulthood since then. Bar headed geese sleeping surrounded by painted stork and black stork.

GIS Specialist 01 5. Social Mobilizers 04 6. Office assistant Working knowledge of GIS will be preferred. Sociologist: - Master Degree in sociology, Social Work with working experience on such projects. Social Moblizers: - Graduates of any discipline with minimum 1 year experience. Preference will be given to the candidate having degree in sociology or social work and knowledge of tribal language.

Graduate in any discipline. Nature Interpreter: - Field experience in nature interpretation with good communication skills in Marathi, Hindi and English. Preference will be given to the candidate having knowledge of tribal language.

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Send your signed resume to the following e-mail address OR by Post before, 30 January up to pm. Resume should include your educational qualifications and professional experience. Related documents will be verified at the time of interview.